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    CNB Bank & Trust, N.A. has been in the forefront of regional trust services since 1922. A service that once was used by a wealthy few, trust services have now become an important part of financial planning for all individuals and families. The protection and management of assets can ensure the security and comfort of your retirement years and the well-being of your family. 
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    A trust is a legal arrangement in which an individual (the trustor) gives fiduciary control of property to a person or institution (the trustee) for the benefit of beneficiaries. The trustee administers the assets according to the instructions in the written trust document.  
    A living trust is established by an individual to secure assets during their lifetime, while benefiting from the investment management provided by the CNB Bank & Trust, N.A. Trust Department. Under this type of trust agreement, CNB Bank & Trust, N.A.Trust Services take possession of securities, ensure their safety, and handle the management and administration of any investments. A Living Trust can provide protection for an individual in the event of a disability, allowing for payment  of any bills and the protection of assets without a court-appointed guardian. The trust can also extend beyond the maker's lifetime, providing financial security for his or her family.  
    Naming an executor for your estate is not the simple task of the past, when a relative or family friend was designated. With the complexity of today's tax and estate laws, a tremendous responsibility awaits anyone named as an executor who does not possess the knowledge and skills to handle the decedent's affairs. The CNB Trust Department can professionally manage these varied tasks. 
    Wills can also require the management of funds over an extended period of time, through the establishment of a testamentary trust. These trusts, established through a will, can be structured to ensure the support and security of the decedent's family, usually with significant tax savings. 
    Another role assumed by theTrust Department is functioning in a Guardianship capacity. Appointed by the court, the CNB Bank & Trust, N.A. Trust Department ensures the financial well-being of those who are unable to handle their personal financial affairs. In many cases, this service provides the only recourse for family members entrusted with the care of a relative and separated by geographic distance. 
    Our Farm Management Services Division provides service to absentee landowners and tenants alike. Acting as an agent, our Farm Managers can provide a landowner with expertise in marketing, land management, financial statements and analysis, feasibility studies, research, and rural appraisals.Tenants can be served through consultation, volume discounts, and the additional leasing of farmland. 
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    For more information on our Trust Services, please contact a member of our Trust Department. 

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