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  • For more information about mortgage services, contact a loan officer at one of 12 facilities.  We are ready to assist you with your individual mortgage needs. 
    One of the advantages of working with CNB is our ability to provide responsive service to both the seller and homebuyer. This results in prompt qualification of potential buyers and timely closings. Time is always of the essence when purchasing a home. 
    CNB offers local and personal service that is often lacking in other institutions. We will take time to learn about your individual mortgage needs and find the right match. 
    A strength of CNB is the ability to service our own loans. We have a highly qualified staff to provide mortgage servicing right here in South Central Illinois. They are always available to answer questions and address concerns for our customers.  
    CNB personnel are professionals with many years of experience in the mortgage business. This experience provides knowledge about the many aspects of buying a home that can often be frustrating and overwhelming. 
    We guide our customers over the rough spots, lead them through the confusing language, and advise them about the best mortgage for their existing needs and qualifications. 

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