Business eServices

Managing a successful business can take up all your time. At CNB Bank & Trust, N.A., we've created these services to help you succeed.


Paying bills is much easier when you let BillPay keep all your company's payments in a single place. You can even schedule payments so that they won't ever slip by again.

  • Transfer funds electronically
  • Set up and pay employees with Direct Deposit
  • Make direct tax payments
  • Pay vendors electronically
  • View check images online
  • Reconcile accounts prior to receiving monthly statements
  • Receive bank statements electronically
  • Completely secure
  • Download information to accounting software like QuickBooks®
  • Watch our Business Digital Banking Demo

Don't delay, sign up for BillPay TODAY!!

  1. Log in to your CNB Bank & Trust, N.A. Digital Banking account
  2. Choose the BillPay icon
  3. Follow the prompts
  4. Start paying your bills online


Receiving eStatements not only makes it easy to keep your business's account statements organized, it also helps save the environment by helping reduce paper waste.

In fact, we did a little math to determine exactly how much of an impact using eStatements creates: Average paper statement = 5 pages X 6,655 CNB customers who currently use eStatements = 33,275 less pieces of paper printed each month. That's a lot of trees!

  • FREE eStatements
  • Receive statements 3-7 days sooner than by mail
  • eStatements are identical to paper statements
  • Can be viewed, printed, or saved to your hard drive
  • View past statements
  • An email automatically lets you know your statement is ready
  • Eliminate clutter
  • eStatements are completely secure

For more information, please contact a new accounts representative at your local facility.

Ecorp Customer Self-Service Forms

Please Note: These Self-Service forms are for CNB Bank and Trust Customers that are already signed up and approved for our Business online Banking and Business Mobile Banking Products. (CNB Ecorp)

I'd like to add an ACH Template to my existing Ecorp Enrollment.

I'd like to add a Bank Account to my existing Ecorp Enrollment.

I'd like to add an Authorized User to my existing Ecorp Enrollment.

I'd like to authorize my Accountant access to my Ecorp profile for the purpose of downloading Estatements.