Fiduciary Services

Are All Investment Advisors Created Equal? You Be the Judge.

In the world of investments there are two types of investment advisor: a fiduciary advisor and a non-fiduciary advisor. Your choice as a partner can have a profound impact on your long-term financial success. In many instances, it is difficult to distinguish between the two.

Fiduciary Advisor

  • A fiduciary is a person (or entity) who has the power and the obligation to act for another under circumstances which require total trust, good faith and honesty.
  • Fiduciary advisors include bank trust companies, attorneys, and CPAs.
  • Federal law requires fiduciaries to act in the best interest of their clients (putting the best interest of their clients above their own) and in good faith.
  • Fiduciaries are duty-bound to avoid any activity in which there is a potential conflict between the fiduciary's interests and their clients.

Fiduciary Standards

  • Recommendation Requirements: Must be in client’s best interest 
  • Disclosure Requirements: Required to disclose conflicts of interest 
  • Loyalty Requirements: Must be loyal to the client and act in good faith 

Suitability Standards

  • Recommendation Requirements: Must be suitable for the client
  • Disclosure Requirements: Less strict rules regarding disclosure of conflicts of interest
  • Loyalty Requirements: May be loyal to the broker-dealer, not necessarily the client

Non-Fiduciary Advisor

  • A non-fiduciary is a person who is held to a much lower standard than that of a fiduciary. A non-fiduciary provides investment advice that is merely “suitable” for their clients. This does not necessarily mean that it is the best advice for the client’s particular situation.
  • Non-fiduciary advisors include insurance agents, stockbrokers, and broker-dealers.
  • Non-fiduciary advisors often focus on what they can sell you. This frequently leads to investments in products that compensate the non-fiduciary advisor, creating an inherent conflict.
  • Are all non-fiduciaries just looking out for themselves? Of course not. The difference is they are not required to.

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