Desktop Teller

Saving Time and Money with Desktop Teller

Desktop Teller (aka Remote Deposit Capture) is a system which allows CNB business customers to deposit checks into their bank account from their office without having to travel to the bank. Desktop Teller saves money on stamps, envelopes, deposit slips, mileage expenses and more!

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What to Expect With Desktop Teller

Save Travel Time

Saves time by not having to leave the office to deposit checks. 

Increase Efficiency 

Employees can remain at the office to take calls, close sales, and handle daily operations without worrying about travel.

Save Your Business Money

You never have to worry about stocking your office with stamps, envelops or deposit slips.

Have Peace of Mind

With CNB as your trusted financial institution, you will have peace of mind knowing your deposits will be timely and reliable. 

Ready To See if Desktop Teller is Right for Your Business?

Meet with a Universal Banker to learn more about what Desktop Teller has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Desktop Teller

 What types of businesses use Desktop Teller?

Desktop Teller is used by a variety of businesses across several industries. Some businesses include law firms, manufacturing companies, distributors, veterinary & medical offices, hospitals, accountants, auto body shops, auto dealers, and many more.

 How do I know if Desktop Teller will be right for my business?

If your business has a large volume of checks to deposit or a small volume of large dollar amount checks, Desktop Teller may be right for your business. Other common reasons are if your business does not primarily receive cash for payments or if you would prefer to have staff keep working at the office instead of traveling to one of our locations to make a deposit.

 How much does Desktop Teller cost?

The costs for Desktop Teller varies on numerous variables. For the most up-to-date pricing, please contact one of our branch locations. 

What services are done annually after installation?

We perform on-site visits to ensure all risks are being properly mitigated by your business as well as provide financial reviews in the forms of tax returns and financial eStatements.